Billing Questions
If you have a question that is not listed here,
please contact us.
  • How can I obtain a copy of an invoice?

  • Please complete and submit the form below; we will get back to you promptly with the requested invoice/s.

  • Can I pay my bill online?

  • Yes! If you would like us to enable online payment via credit card for your invoices, please contact us to let us know. Additionally:

    • You will be sent an invoice each quarter, which you can pay by check or credit card.
    • If you would like to set up automatic credit card payments, please complete the Credit Card Authorization Form and return it to CaseHomePage by fax to (707) 559-3162. We will process your quarterly charges and send you a copy of the paid invoice with the credit card receipt attached.
  • I’d like to pay my bill with a credit card; what should I do?

  • You have two options:

    1. Contact us to request that we enable online payment for your invoices. This will allow you to manage making payments via credit card for your invoices online.
    2. Fill out the Credit Card Authorization Form and return it to CaseHomePage by fax to (707) 559-3162. You can elect to make a one-time payment or enroll in automatic billing. We will then process your payment and email you a receipt.
  • I just got a bill for a case in which my firm is no longer counsel of record. What should I do?

  • If your firm is no longer counsel of record, please complete the Case Exit Form. We will remove your firm from service in the case and audit your account to the date we receive the form.

  • How often will I receive a bill from CaseHomePage?

  • e-Service fees are billed monthly in arrears for the preceding month. You will only receive an invoice if you sent files for service during that time.

    Subscription fees are billed quarterly, so you will receive an invoice every three months for these fees. Each of these invoices will include the subscription fees for the upcoming quarter.

  • What are the fees for CaseHomePage e-service of documents and online case management?

  • Please contact us at to obtain a quote for your case.