Dynamic Search
You will be able to find any document you need with our comprehensive search methods.

Documents served through CaseHomePage are stored on the case website for the life of the case. Whenever you need to locate a document, you have several tools available to you.

  • Document Type: Documents are posted and stored in folders by category. You can quickly find a file by browsing to its appropriate folder. In this system, motions are threaded so all supporting documents (such as oppositions or replies) are housed with the original motion in a single location.
  • Service Date: All documents are simultaneously posted in the chronologically-organized Docket folders. This feature is especially helpful if you are out of the office for several days and need to quickly review all documents posted during your absence.
  • Integrated Search Engine: Our powerful, integrated search engine reviews documents’ titles and content based on parameters you define.
  • Recent Case Activity: The “What’s New?” button appears on your homepage and searches for anything that has been posted in any of your cases. This function is especially helpful if you have multiple cases on CaseHomePage and want to review all posted documents without navigating between multiple case websites.


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