e-Service is Better Service
Compare CaseHomePage to other service methods.

CaseHomePage vs. Service by Mail CaseHomePage vs. Emailed Documents

Keeping paper copies of pleadings requires costly and cumbersome storage accommodations.

CaseHomePage archives and stores all e-served documents forever. You enjoy courtesy access to your archived cases.

Your network is at risk each time you open an email attachment, which may contain malware.

CaseHomePage stores documents on a secure, password-protected website and provides notice with links to view the files.

Preparing documents for shipment uses valuable staff time.

With CaseHomePage, you can e-serve your documents with just one click.

Emails are not encrypted and may be intercepted by hackers.

CaseHomePage uses HTTPS and unique passwords to protect your sensitive documents.

Printing voluminous pleadings taxes the environment.

e-Service through CaseHomePage can be 100% paperless.

Service by email is subject to file size limitations.

CaseHomePage enables you to instantly e-serve documents up to 200MB with no restrictions.

Mailing copies to multiple recipients is costly in both postage and office supplies.

CaseHomePage charges one flat rate, regardless of the numbers of parties e-served.

Service by email requires you to monitor bounces and spam filters.

CaseHomePage tracks each email and keeps access data to verify when recipients access your document.

CaseHomePage provides online e-Service and Document Management to save you time and alleviate the downfalls associated with other methods of service. Make your life easier. Host your next litigation with CaseHomePage and see how hosted e-Service benefits you.

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