e-Service with CaseHomePage isn't just electronic service. It's efficient service, too.
Documents to be served are uploaded to CaseHomePage via our secure website. Our Case Managers then compare your document with the information you provide on your upload form. If there is a discrepancy, we will contact you to confirm that you uploaded the document you intend to serve. Your document is then titled to be consistent with the case’s titling procedure. Our hands-on approach to ensure quality is an integral part of our e-Service system.

Our Case Managers post the document to the case website and an email notification goes out to all registered users. This notification includes a hyperlink to the served document so the document is accessible with just one click.

Our e-Service system constantly monitors transmissions to ensure that all notifications are properly received. You do not need to worry about a spam filter or server rejecting your document, as might happen with less-sophisticated electronic transfer platforms.

Our e-Service system tracks site activity and can produce access logs to confirm receipt of served documents. This feature eliminates the possibility of your documents being misdirected or denied. With CaseHomePage, you can be certain your documents reach all necessary recipients.

Documents are posted in the order received and will be titled to include the upload date. Documents uploaded after business hours will be posted no later than the following business morning. If you have a document that needs immediate attention, you may contact us to expedite processing.