Service of Process Questions
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  • Does CaseHomePage file documents with the Court?

  • No. CaseHomePage serves documents on all registered parties. Documents should be filed with the Court in the usual manner.

  • How are documents e-served on the parties?

  • Documents to be served are uploaded to us via our secure website. Our Case Managers post the document to the case website and an email notification including a hyperlink instantly goes out to all registered parties.

  • Do I need to provide a signed copy for posting on the case website?

  • Refer to the Electronic Case Management Order (ECMO) for your case. Most ECMOs indicate that “documents requiring an original attorney signature may be posted to the web site with the attorney’s name indicated on the signature line (rather than an actual signature).”

  • Do I need to provide a conformed copy for posting on the case website?

  • Refer to the Electronic Case Management Order (ECMO) for your case. CaseHomePage does not require that a document bear a Court stamp for posting on the case website.

  • Does my document automatically appear on the case website when I click Submit?

  • No. Our Case Managers compare your document with the information you provide on your upload form. If there is a discrepancy, we will contact you to confirm that you uploaded the document you intend to serve. Your document is then titled to be consistent with the case’s titling procedure and posted in the appropriate folder.

  • What information do I need to include in my Proof of Service?

  • In most cases, the Electronic Case Management Order (ECMO) provides that the Electronic Proof of Service (EPOS) be attached to the posted document or submitted as a separate document. The EPOS should indicate that you served your document electronically through CaseHomePage.

  • Does CaseHomePage have a sample Proof of Service?

  • Yes. You may access sample documents below.

    Sample EPOS (Word) Sample EPOS (PDF)


  • Do I need to attach a Service List?

  • Generally, no. The most recent Service List in the “Service Lists” folder is the operative Service List for the case and you do not need to include a copy of it with each Proof of Service. CaseHomePage will update the Service List with any applicable changes when notified by counsel.

  • Do I need to mail copies of the documents to all the parties?

  • In general, no. Uploading a document to CaseHomePage constitutes service on all parties. Distributing hard copies of the document is unnecessary.

    In rare circumstances, a party may be granted an exemption from participating in e-Service. In this situation, CaseHomePage will note this information on the Service List posted to the case website.